What Lottery Game is Played on Fridays?

No matter your playing preferences and playing style, New York Lottery games offer something suitable to every type of player – be it daily play, Powerball jackpot games or Mega Millions multi-state series games. Each lottery game boasts unique odds and prize amounts; what truly sets New York Lottery apart though is its commitment to giving back to its local community through education – with proceeds from ticket sales dedicated directly back into school systems across New York state through resources that enhance education provision.

Six-number lottery games resemble five-number lotteries by requiring players to match all six numbers drawn to win the top prize, though their odds tend to be longer due to having to match all six numbers drawn instead of only five.

Tickets for six-number games like Lotto and EZ Match can be purchased at participating retailers, by calling the New York Lottery directly, online at nylottery.com, or with Jackpocket – an official mobile app of the New York Lottery that lets users purchase lottery tickets, check numbers and track winnings while on the move! You can download Jackpocket for free either on Google Play or App Store.

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